Andrea, Find the good founder

I've worked in the field of high conflict divorce for almost 16 years... and yes, it's as toxic as you imagine it might be. 
Rather - it's as toxic as my mindset was around it.

I used to *quit* work every three months, the stress of helping families in extreme conflict was just too much for little ole me. A month would go by and I'd find myself back at work, sorting through the meanest, cruelest, most horrific family dynamics you could ever imagine. Repeat.

16 years, 4 kids, 13 dogs, ridiculous amounts of guinea pigs and hamsters and hedge hogs and chinchillas and fish later... I had a mindset shift. It didn't arrive overnight and the sky didn't open up and the angels didn't sing. But a shift happened. And Find the good was born - in my head.

Find the good may sound fluffy and simplistic but at it's core, it's the magic that happens when gratitude meets possibility meets "aha". Because let's face it, life can get messy. It can feel like a grind. Things don't always go our way.  But if you spend just a minute thinking about how to Find the good in x, y or z?  

Try it, you'll see.

I'm still not 100% sure where Find the good is going yet, but a cultural revolution isn't out of the question...:)

Andrea LaRochelle, RFM